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Steam users could receive hundreds or even thousands in compensation. Complete the form below to begin your claim today.

Federal Judge John C. Coughenour ruled that Steam gamers can claim compensation for Valve's illegal monopoly but they must file individual arbitrations to do so.  If you purchased PC games, you may be entitled to hundreds or even thousands of dollars from Valve, but you must file a claim before the statute of limitations period expires.

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You can see if you're eligible by completing the form above. It only takes a couple of minutes.​ Once you do, Bucher Law PLLC will review your information.  If you are eligible, Bucher Law PLLC will send you an agreement to digitally signed on your phone or computer. ​ Once you've signed, Bucher Law PLLC will handle the rest. Every case is different, but many consumers get settlement offers without doing anything beyond completing the steps above.


Bucher Law PLLC will handle your case on contingency, which means we receive a portion of any settlement or arbitration award that Valve pays you.  You owe nothing out of pocket, and if you don’t get paid, Bucher Law PLLC's legal work is free. 

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Bucher Law PLLC, is devoted solely to pursuing consumer arbitrations, like yours, and has received millions of dollars of funding to do so. Will Bucher has extensive experience working on consumer arbitration cases, having won or settled over 70,000 consumer arbitrations during my career. As chair-emeritus of the Digital Games & New Media chapter of the American Bar Association, an active member of the Video Game Bar Association, and long-time Steam user myself, I have a deep understanding of the factual and legal issues relevant to your case.

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